My Review: Professional Teeth Whitening in The Comfort of my Home

That sweet feeling when you feel more confident about your teeth and you can’t stop smiling.

I didn’t realise how conscious I was of my teeth until I was approached by Smile Brilliant to see if I was interested in trying out there at-home professional teeth whitening kit.

There I was trying to take a ‘before’ shot of my teeth. Check teeth in mirror. Retake. Retake. Check teeth again. Retake. I’m not kidding when I say I probably spent the best part of an hour trying to just take a simple before shot. I hated what I was seeing. Hated it.

Why have I never had my teeth professionally whitened?‘ was running through my mind. Ah, yes, because I’ve been a little skeptical of bleaching my teeth. And afraid my gums would react in a bad way.

For any of us who have had tooth pain, which is probably most of you reading this, it’s the worst, and the thought of undergoing a treatment which could induce any sort of tooth pain was not something I was too willing to do.

So what was so different about this Smile Brilliant company and why did I give in?

I had seen their name pop up here and there online, and I personally know people who have used their product with positive results. When it comes to treatments, it helps if I know someone who has experienced it and can give me their insight.

smile brilliant professional home whitening kit live authenchic chantal boyajian

I know, I know, it’s not like this is surgery, and after trying it now, I honestly don’t know why I made such a big deal.

Of course I did my research beforehand too and read a lot of teeth whitening testimonials, as I (as mentioned in my other posts), always want to ensure I am providing my own genuine opinion on products to my readers.

Another factor was indeed price. The average cost to whiten your teeth at the dentist starts from around $400-500. Smile Brilliant provides the same process, and for much less!

One thing I loved when I was first communicating with Smile Brilliant is the care they took in asking me if I have any particular issues with my teeth, if I’m prone to sensitivity, what treatments I’ve had in the past and giving me their professional advice. I felt like they are not just saying ‘here’s a product, try it’. They made sure to understand any concerns I had and what I can do, and even offered to alter my process should I feel any sensitivity.

When my box arrived, I got a little nervous with all the pieces included. What if I do something wrong, these are my teeth!

whitening teeth kit smile brilliant chantal boyajian

Included in the box was a kit, with instructions, to create a mould of my upper and lower teeth by mixing a catalyst paste with a base paste to make the impression. Also in the box was a pre-paid return envelope to place my impressions in and return to the Smile Brilliant lab and have my custom trays made!

After sending the first set of my impressions, I was promptly notified there was an error with them, I believe I didn’t make a clear enough impression of them, and they were so pleasant to communicate with! It was such an easy experience. I got a notification that they weren’t right and a new kit was on its way to me already! Literally within days I had my new kit, did my impressions again.

home whitening teeth kit smile brilliant chantal boyajian live authenchic

I believe it was within less than a week I received my custom made trays and I was ready to start using the whitening and desensitizing gels provided in the first package.

Ahh, my nerves started again when I went to start the process, I couldn’t find my instructions and on the Smile Brilliant website they have a chat option (for people like me who aren’t always in the mood to talk on the phone this is ideal!), and within seconds I had someone send me the instructions and offer any further assistance I may have needed.

I’ll say it again and again, their customer service is so friendly and stream-lined.

With the guidance of the instructions, I placed the whitening gel in my trays and placed over my teeth accordingly. It is advised to start with keeping them in about 40 minutes for the first use, and start to increase the whitening time as you go, and you can keep them in up to 3 hours.

live authenchic smile brilliant professional at home whitening teeth kit review chantal boyajian blog

I decided to try this out in the evening before I head to bed so I wouldn’t eat afterwards and ruin the progress.

When I placed them I thought, oh, wait, that’s it?! This is so easy, what on earth has my brain been thinking this was going to be?! Twiddling my thumbs and keeping an eye on the time, I thought okay well, how about a little pampering.

chantal boyajian review home teeth professional whitening kit live authenchic blogger smile brilliant

I removed my makeup, gave my skin a GOOD cleanse, gave my eyebrows a little TLC, and threw on a face mask. It’s hard to complain when you are feeling this relaxed.

After removing the trays, I brushed my teeth, and did the same again but this time with the desensitizing gel. I honestly, knock on wood**, have not felt ANY sensitivity with this whitening system. BUT, of course, this is different for everyone. A close friend who has used this kit before did experience some short-term sensitivity and upon using the de-sensitivity gel, felt much better.

**The day after writing this and jinxing myself, I did experience a little sensitivity when whitening, nothing bad at all. The desensitizing gel did help.

Do you have sensitive teeth? Before trying this kit, I found this post on tooth sensitivity very informative, with information on causes, solutions and prevention.

I have been using this almost every night for the past 10 days now and already started noticing a difference after just a couple of applications.

Here are my results so far (and yes my hair has been lightened since I took the before shot, these have had zero editing done :)):



I am continuing to use this. I still have a couple more of the syringes to use. I’m only just almost done with my first syringe for both the whitening and desensitizing gels. A little goes a long way, as you can see in the progress above.

Besides being affordable, the ease and convenience of being able to get on with things while I whiten is such a time-saver. I love to pamper myself during this time, or walk the dogs, get on with work. Whatever your lifestyle is, this kit can easily be applied to your day-to-day.

You may not see results right away. If you are a coffee drinker by day and red wine by night kind of person like me, chances are it’s taken a toll on your teeth. I don’t know how many years I’ve been drinking coffee on the daily, but it has done a number on my teeth. So while I am comfortably whitening my teeth at home, I bare this in mind that this I am removing years of staining (sounds horrid doesn’t it?!).

With the above results, it goes without saying that I am beyond happy with my Smile Brilliant home teeth whitening kit. I do feel a LOT more confident when I smile now. When I took the before shot to send, I started hiding my teeth and being more conscious of them, which has dramatically changed for me now.

I’m a firm believer, when you feel good on the inside, it is reflected on the outside. Whether you’re wearing something that makes you feel good, or your pearly whites are shining and you want to show them off, it’s all in your mindset. You exude a positive energy.

I want you to fully be confident when making these decisions too. While I was researching prior to using this kit, this article 7 Things to Know Before Buying Teeth Whitening helped me a lot in my decision.

WAIT wait, I’m not done yet… Do you want the chance to win one of these kits for yourself from Smile Brilliant (worth $129) with your own customized kit? Yes? Wonderful! Click on this home teeth whitening link and literally only need to put your first name and email address to enter!

*Please note this giveaway is only open to US, Canada and Australia. Sorry, but keep reading 🙂

I will be announcing the winner on April 28th on my Instagram Live Authenchic so be sure to follow me there to keep up to date!

Best of luck!

Fellow readers in other countries… Can’t wait to get your hands on one of these? I got you! Use code liveauthenchic5 for 5% off coupon code or code liveauthenchic15 for $15 off any tray creation kit.

If you’d love to know more, here’s a ‘How I Whiten My Teeth‘ video testimonial with some great insight for you too. As I mentioned earlier, just as I did, do your research too. I found this so worth-while and now I have my custom trays, next time I can just purchase the gels and continue with my treatments.

Thank you so much Smile Brilliant for my custom-fitted teeth whitening trays and bringing back my smile!

My lovely readers, please do share your teeth whitening experiences with me too!

#SmileFearlessly ❤

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