Pom Pom-p Up Your Summer Wardrobe With These Accessories

“I think it’s nice to say the word ‘pom-pom’ as often as you can.” – Maira Kalman

The last few weeks I’ve been going a little pom-pom crazy online. I know this particular trend has been going strong for some time, but I’m seeing a new wave of pom-pom’s coming right towards us as summer is just around the corner (already!).

While I have been looking at doing a few DIY projects to spruce up some of my existing wardrobe pieces with some cute pom-pom trim I found in Joann, I thought about sharing a roundup of adorable pom-pom accessories I’ve come across online you can easily add to brighten up your wardrobe!

Chinese Laundry Pom Pom Sandals

Chinese Laundry Pom Pom Sandals Nordstrom

I bought some similar pom pom sandals last year, and I LOVE wearing them. With them being colorful, I can match them with a lot of colors, and I get a lot of compliments on them. Don’t be afraid to have fun with accessories.

Pom Pom Fringe Sarong

pom pom fringe sarong target live authenchic blog style

This is such a versatile piece. Pair this with your swimsuit at the pool or beach, or style it in to a dress, match some summer sandals and hat and you’ve got yourself a breezy vacation ensemble.

Kate Spade Winking Camel Pouch

kate spade camel pom pom purse pouch chantal boyajian live authenchic

This one is a little more of a splurge piece, but… I AM OBSESSED with this. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but I absolutely love this pouch. I was so excited when this new collection at Kate Spade came out. Being a Middle East transplant myself, and having spent years riding camels to school**, I was particularly excited to see this collection.

Pom Pom Earrings

pom pom earrings baublebar live authenchic

Summer is such a fun time when it comes to jewelry. Personally, I love wearing simple, comfortable looks and simply adding a pair of earrings like this can make a big difference.

When it comes to jewelry, I recommend picking one key item and make the other pieces more simple so not to draw attention away from your statement piece.

Mango Pom Pom Leather Sandals

mango pom pom sandals live authenchic

Looking for something fun but in more neutral tones? These sandals are on point. Pair with whites or nude tones, and perhaps add a little red accessory to bring out the red pom pom’s from the sandals.

Zara Pom Pom Basket Bag

zara pom pom basket handbag live authenchic chantal boyajian

So, while I started putting this blog post together, I couldn’t resist treating myself to this particular handmade purse. Zara makes up for most of my wardrobe, and I had to get my hands on this!

While a lot of basket bags I have seen out there are larger and more ideal for beach trips and getaways, this one is a good size for day to day.

H&M Powder Pink Pom Pom Keychain

h and m HM pom pom pink keychain live authenchic

Yes, I’m sure you’ve all seen these all over the place, but I can’t say how much these little guys make life easier when you’re scouring around in your purse desperately searching for your keys.

Pom Pom iPhone Case

kate spade revolve pom pom iphone case live authenchic

How FUN is this case?! It doesn’t need many words, it’s so colorful and bold in itself. Just (from several personal experiences), make sure to promptly protect your phone screens with a screen protector too.

How do you like to add pom pom’s to your look?



*All images via their respective websites

**We didn’t actually ride camels to school!! 😉


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