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Hello friends!

To say it has been some time is an understatement, however, as life continues, I needed to take a much needed time out from both social media and blogging. Just the online world basically.

Thank you so much to those of you who reached out to check on me! I meant the world to me.

For those who follow my Instagram, you would have read me raving about these Nairian beauty products some time ago (with all my ‘coming soon, coming soon’ posts!), again, so sorry to have been momentarily MIA, but just like I disappeared, so have my Nairian goodies, almost!

nairian beauty skincare blogger chantal boyajian live authenchic

Finally, I am sharing my experience with each, but first, what products did I receive? (Please note I did receive these products in-kind for testing purposes, and though I was not asked to share anything in particular, I am sharing simply because I feel these honestly deserve to be shared.)

  • Face Cleanser
  • Face Toner
  • Eye Cream
  • Body Cream
  • CC Cream
  • Face Firming Cream

Before I dive in to some more detail on each of these, it is worth mentioning that Narian is a completely all-natural beauty and skincare company, who uses handcrafted recipes made from plant-based and natural ingredients, totally free of harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances or dyes.

The more we respect our bodies and take care of ourselves, the better. It is incredible how many chemicals we consume on a daily basis, whether it’s in our foods or beauty products we use, being absorbed through our skin and into our bodies.

Being of Armenian descent myself, I am thrilled to see this skincare line come out of Armenia! Nairian have built themselves with a social responsibility in-mind and are commited to the land they farm, and the rural communities which enable their production.

Nairian have designed a process to emit a minimum carbon footprint, by making community-building and support for the local economy the cornerstones of their method of production.

Face Cleanser

nairian face cleanser live authenchic chantal boyajian beauty blogger skincare

This cleanser has been a treat to use, especially now with the weather changes we have been experiencing in Los Angeles, it takes a toll on your skin.

This natural cleanser leaves your face feeling so clean and fresh. Made with golden Calendula blossoms that are used for their potent soothing properties.

It is a soap-free cleanser, meaning it’s less harmful to your skin. If you’re prone to dry skin, I recommend sticking to soap-free products. The Calendula effectively removes facial oils, makeup and dirt.

Citrus and Geranium essential oils have also been added, providing an uplifting and balancing effect.

Face Toner

face toner natural skincare beauty nairian chantal boyajian live authenchic

This toner, this product, has been my absolute FAVOURITE from the Nairian range I have tried so far. I am almost done with mine and will be ordering more!

It is incredibly refreshing, I want to spritz my face with it all day.

This all-natural toner is made with the water of supple Damask Roses grown in the Armenian Highlands. Also included is Cucumber extract, which is known for its cooling properties.

Good for refreshing and balancing your skin, and works for all skin types.

Just spray a little on your face to hydrate your skin and leave it feeling renewed.

Eye Cream

nairian eye cream face skincare natural beauty blogger live authenchic chantal boyajian

This cream had me at ‘anti-aging’.

It is a rich cream, so a little goes a long way! This hand-crafted natural eye cream rejuvinates and soothes the delicate skin around the eyes.

The ingredients include Cornflowers, Damask Roses, and Sandalwood essential oil.

To use, just dab a small amount in the morning and night to diminish the appearance of those pesky fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin feeling fresh and renewed.

I’ve personally been using this more at night before I sleep so my skin absorbs the cream by morning.

Body Cream

body cream natural skincare nairian chantal boyajian live authenchic blogger skincare
Do you look after all your skin? It can feel like a hassle especially if you’re just out the shower and ready to head out, but we need to take care of our bodies as much as our faces.
I love to moisturize and give it 10 minutes to absorb. You feel soft and fresh all over! It’s worth the extra time.

This body cream is packed with nutrients from Pomegranate seed oil (did you know Pomegranates are a symbol of Armenia?) and conditioning Apricot kernel oil, providing nourishing and anti-aging components. Also included is a creamy Shea Butter, great for revitalizing and added antioxidants. The Rose and Litsea add protection and toning effects.

From the scent of this cream, you can just sense the natural qualities in the ingredients. My skin has been absorbing this cream well, and it doesn’t leave that oily effect many creams with chemicals do, because your skin simply doesn’t want to absorb those chemicals!

CC Cream

nairian cc cream beauty blogger skincare chantal boyajian live authenchic
I am not really a ‘foundation’ person. I don’t like to cover my face in too much makeup all the time, and like to let it breathe when possible. I only first started using CC Cream (colour corrector) a year or so ago, and was excited to try this natural concoction.
Like some of the other Nairian creams, this does have a more richer and creamier consistency, so again, a little does go a long way and is worth the price, in my opinion.


This particular CC Cream is made with the essential oil of delicate Neroli blossoms; a hand-crafted formula that provides instant coverage, evening your skin tone and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Additionally, this unique recipe also includes a few drops of Palmarosa essential oil to maintain the right balance of moisture and helps protect your skin from harsh elements.

I finish it off with a setting powder and find it lasts all day.

Face Firming Cream

face firming cream natural skincare blogger beauty live authenchic nairian chantal boyajian

And last, but not least, this anti-aging firming cream for the face has been working wonders for me! I am still enjoying using this cream, I use both morning and evening (mostly evenings before bed with the eye cream).

It is a more gentle, lighter feeling cream, using natural ingredients to give your skin a radiant and youthful glow.


This recipe is infused with moisturizing, antioxidant Pomegranate oil and firming Linseed extract, that will help strengthen skin cells, restoring the feel of elasticity to the skin, and minimizing wrinkles. There’s also a dash of Rose and refreshing Yuzu in the mix, to tone and tighten the skin, ensuring that it stays smooth and firm.
As with the other products, my skin has reacted well with this cream and seems to absorb it up pretty quickly. I don’t use too much, as it’s also not good to lather your skin too much, and I’m able to use this before I put on makeup without it leaving any oily residue. I am sure this is down to it not holding any artificial chemicals.
You can check out more of the Nairian beauty product range here.
Thank you again team Nairian for the wonderful products! You have a new groupie!

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