Aussie: Cleanse + Mend

So I received this awesome box of hair goodies from Aussie a little while back which included a set of shampoo and conditioner from their ‘Cleanse + Mend‘ product range and a headstrong styling volume mousse.


Now, I did share on my Instagram a while back that this would be coming to the blog, and yes it’s a long time coming but my hair is thicker and don’t need to wash it frequently, I like to give these things a good try before I share my thoughts. Seems fair, right?

Thankfully I am lucky to have hair I don’t need to wash so frequently as it doesn’t tend to get greasy, however, I don’t want to take this for granted and I ensure to look after my hair as it can dry out too.

Prior to me using this, I had been using this shampoo and conditioner from another brand, but although I had tried and loved other products from said brand, this particular shampoo and conditioner did not work well for my hair.

It dried my hair out like no other, by time I’m done washing my conditioner out my hair felt like rubber, it did not feel smooth, and this effects my hair when I go to blow dry my hair, my hair style wouldn’t stay as long as usual, and my hair just felt ‘blah’.

But the packaging was sooooo pretty… And when you have almost full bottles of product, you feel it’s a waste to throw them out, amiright?!

So I kept using them, hoping they would eventually fulfill their promise of moisturising my hair as stated on the pretty bottles.


Anyway, then comes along these purple bottles. And my first thought was that of nostalgia. When I attended university (*cough* just a few years ago) in England, I started using this brand for my hair and I LOVED them. And when I received this package I was scratching my head wondering why I had not used any Aussie products in YEARS.


Immediately I started using and right from the first wash I could already feel my hair was getting some life put back in to it. I started off using just the shampoo and conditioner products for a couple weeks first, styling as I usually do, and my hair honestly felt much more nourished, the most it had done in months.


I also felt the volume of my hair, it didn’t feel flat or dead. And I got a little shine back in my hair, not a glossy glossy shine, but definitely a shine.


Then eventually after a wash I tried the mousse. I honestly haven’t used mousse in probably years, I used to use it when my hair was far far more curly than it is now because, well kids, back in those days we didn’t have hair straighteners (did anyone else use an actual iron and lay their hair on an ironing board and a friend would iron your hair?! Haha, good old days!).

I also used to have a LOT more hair. Yes it’s pretty thick now, but honestly I can’t tell you how thick it was before and curly, if only I looked after it like I do now I may still have all that hair!

Although I would use mousse before to hold my curls, I remember the crunchy feeling many gave, and if I used too much it would almost feel hard. Plus it would dry my hair out.

I used this mousse gently. I was skeptical, and though I’m not 100% sold on it – not because of this particular mousse, just because I’m not sure how I feel using mousse again on my hair, but it did hold nicely in my hair.

I didn’t put too much, but I could tell the difference it made, defining my curls (or waves more so), and it didn’t have that hard or sticky feeling at all!

I will most likely use it again on days I give my hair a break from straightening.


One more point to make about Aussie, I love how affordable their products are too!

Have you used Aussie? What’s your favourite product of theirs?

Oh and the shampoo + conditioner gives my hair such a nice smell! So much that my Mr’s cat literally sticks her little head in my hair and falls asleep (she loves scents).



*I received these products from Influenster in exchange for my honest review and the above is my honest opinion.




One thought on “Aussie: Cleanse + Mend

  1. Love Aussie!! I use their smoothing conditioner every time, it’s sooo great I bought the big bottle of it with the pump head hahaha! Love it! And one day I mistakenly bought the shampoo in the pump bottle and used it for weeks as conditioner before unnoticed 🙈 And just recently bought more shampoo and conditioner from Aussie on sale! Yay! Thanks for your detailed review, you rock! Xo


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