Nicole Lee USA: 3 Looks and Stylist Tips

Hello fellow handbag lovers!

You may have read my recent post on the opening of the Nicole Lee corporate store here in Los Angeles.

I was recently introduced to this brand, and with their eclectic collection of accessories, designs of all styles and colors, I couldn’t help but fall in love.

Whether you prefer a more classic everyday bag or something crazy, unique and fun, you just have to check out Nicole Lee online.

While we were treated to brunch and a great networking opportunity at their grand opening, we were also gifted some amazing pieces I wanted to share with you.

For those who don’t know me, I love to dress up as much as I love to dress down. And days when I can be more effortlessly casual, but still with elements of style, are my favorite.


So firstly a more casual look here with this wonderfully adorable little backpack. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, you most likely know that backpacks are back again and all the rage now!



And, although I shouldn’t be glorifying this, but with my back issues (herniated disc & sciatica), backpacks make the perfect accessory for me so on my flare up days I don’t carry a purse on one side, subconsciously leaning to one side.

Only I could find a health reason to justify adding more accessories to my collection, eh?!



I styled this with a chambray shirt and denim skirt. Simple, easy and comfortable.

My next look I wore one of my most comfortable trousers (or pants for my US readers 🙂) I own. They feel like pyjamas. I paired this stunning red Nicole Lee clutch and scarf I wore as a head band with my look.

nicole lee usa live authenchic chantal boyajian blogger red clutch.jpg

I wanted to bring out elements of red from the print on my pants and the neck tie, so the red from the clutch really brings out the red from this outfit making it pop. When I wear a more eclectic pattern and rich colours, I prefer to keep the rest of my ensemble more simple and neutral as I did here with the top and shoes.



The heels you may recognise from my Alysia Style post.

nicole lee usa live authenchic chantal boyajian clutch red.jpg

And for my last look, I went a little, what I like to think is more European, with my midi skirt, (which FYI are going to be big this season), neck tie and boots.

I feel like style in general is a lot more laid back here in California, compared to London and Doha where I previously lived and came from.


I paired the same Nicole Lee clutch, which also comes with a detachable gold chain strap, and the neck tie, to a neutral coloured outfit, just adding these little pops of color.


nicole lee usa red clutch scarf midi skirt chantal boyajian live authenchic stylist.jpg

nicole lee usa red clutch scarf midi skirt chantal boyajian live authenchic style.jpg

To see more of the Nicole Lee collection online, click here.

What’s your favourite look? Let me know in the comments below!



One thought on “Nicole Lee USA: 3 Looks and Stylist Tips

  1. Could you be any cuter?!! I am the same in that I love to dress up as much as I love to dress down. Thank God for athlesiure, right?! I absolutely love how you styled all these looks, but my favorite is definitely the last one! I’m a sucker for a pleated midi skirt! So fab, girl!


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