Stylist Tips: How to Style Your Handbag

Wether I’m going out for a coffee or even just headed to my local Trader Joe’s, it’s almost impossible for me to leave without a handbag.

For most of us ladies out there, a handbag (or purse if you prefer) is almost a necessity, an essential part of our day to day outfits.

Side note: In the UK we use the word ‘purse’ for meaning wallet, but since I’ve been in the US I’ve adapted to using this word for handbag too!

Whether reusing the same handbag for days or weeks on end, or you’re like me and you like to change up your purse depending on your outfit. (Or if you get too lazy, also like me, some days you pick an outfit to match the handbag so you don’t have to move your belongings from one to another).

No matter if you’re a 1-handbag-fits-all or a 100-handbags-aren’t-enough kind of person, I want to share a little trick I love to use to change up the aesthetics of my handbag, making it more versatile and allowing it to match my outfits better.

Handbag: Boyajian Trend Gallery; Shoes: Prada; Dress: Nordstrom Rack

I love to do this more with neutral colored purses, which gives you another reason to go buy that staple purse you’ve been eyeing up! 😉

I have many pretty scarves I’ve collected over the years. Some solid colored, some print, floral, animal print, ombre. And for the most part they just sit folded up in a storage box. Le sigh.

To put them to better use all year round, I either wrap them around my purse handles, tie them in to a bow, or completely wrap one around the handle. Get creative, different handbags have different straps, hooks, eyelets of different sizes, handles. Play around and see what fits nicely.

This little style trick is especially handy for outfits where you want to wear a pair of shoes you don’t necessarily have matching shoes for. I have so many shoes I love and refuse to give up, but barely worn simply because I don’t have any purses to match.

Handbag: Boyajian Trend Gallery; Shoes: Prada; Scarf: Mango

It is much cheaper (and adds an element of glam) to get a matching scarf, doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy, even just a small silk scarf you would wear around your neck, to match your shoes or item of clothing and just dress up your bag with it.


Tip: The thinner the scarf the better. Also, think about the fabric, my personal preference is silk, but I have some thin, and uber soft cotton scarves too that work nicely. You don’t want anything too thick, otherwise the bow or wraparound will be too bulky.

This is one of my favourite ways to tie key elements of my looks I want to highlight, together.

It’s simple. Can be done at a minimal cost and easy to do. Try it for yourself!

Italian Leather Handbag; Handmade from Toscannia collection at Boyajian Trend Gallery

Also, try with scarves with interesting edges, for example those tiny little pom poms, or subtle fringing like the leopard print scarf above.

Italian Leather Handbag: Handmade from Toscannia collection at Boyajian Trend Gallery

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

P.S. If you have any styling questions, please feel free to drop them in the comments below too!







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