Nicole Lee: Corporate Store Grand Opening

It’s been a minute since I posted, but if only you could see my drafts folder! There are awesome posts coming, I promise!

If you follow me along on Instagram you would have seen I had the chance to attend the grand opening of the corporate store at Nicole Lee here in Los Angeles.

My dear blogger friend, @stylemesamira, had a great time. We were amongst other amazing fashion and style bloggers who attended. We were treated to a tour of their offices (which look so awesome btw! Made me want to apply for a job there right on the spot!), and their warehouse.

Oh my word, the warehouse. Floor to ceiling of boxes and boxes leaving my imagine running wild as to what purses and accessories were inside each box.

If you’re not familiar with Nicole Lee, they are a Los Angeles based handbag brand, launched back in 2004.

As well handbags, they have a vast variety of other accessories and apparel, including travel bags, scarves, jewelry boxes, shoes, and the list goes on.


They have probably one of the most eclectic collections I have ever seen. From chic, minimalistic tote purses to handbags decorated with fashion illustrations or laser cut patterns, you can find anything and everything to suit your desired style.

As many of you already know, I am obsessed with accessories. I’d rather wear simple staple items of clothing and change them up with different accessories.

My already existing accessory collection (bags, shoes, jewelry) include all sorts of pieces, classic and timeless, to multi-colored with all sorts of prints. I love to preach that you should have FUN with accessories.

Not everything has to be so matchy-matchy all the time. Accessories allow for you to bring elements of your look together.

For example, you don’t have a purse to exactly match that pair of shoes you’ve been dying to wear? Don’t be afraid to add a purse that has a print with it instead. The beauty with bags that have a print, a picture, floral pattern, whatever it may be, is that it has a variety of colors thus allowing you more options of colors to match with it.

Have a look at the Nicole Lee current collections here.

After a nice spot of brunch we were welcomed with an introduction to the Nicole Lee team, including the Founder & CEO, Samuel Lee, and the Head Designer, Suzy Han.


Can I just say, I’ve met some great brands since being in Los Angeles, but the Nicole Lee team are probably the friendliest, most humble, welcoming people I have met within the fashion industry here.

They were extremely accommodating of everyone. They spoiled us with amazing gift bags after being a part of the ribbon cutting for their corporate store, and just all around the vibe was so energetic and positive.


It’s so important for brands to leave lasting impressions, on top of whatever service or product they provide, when I am left with a good impression of a brand, be it from their customer service in store, or meeting at their offices, it makes me want to be a part of their fanbase and return for more!



I will be back with another post with some looks I’ll be styling with their pieces, so watch this space!

And thank you SO much again team Nicole Lee USA xoxo



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