Damn, Gina!

Shoes speak louder than words. So I’m just going to leave you here with some pictures instead.


Ha, only kidding! How can I not have anything to say about these suede beauties!?


There are few staple items us ladies need in our wardrobes that we know we can rely on year after year. And one of those items is a good, and I mean a GOOD, pair of black heels.

I mean, what else are you going to pair with your go-to LBD when you have a party or a fancy dinner to attend and no time to pick something out? Just mix up your jewelry and purse and you’re good to go!


First, let me officially introduce you to Gina. These heels answer to the name of Gina.



I didn’t name them myself, but that’s one of the little things I love about Alysia, the brand behind these heels. They name their shoes. Call me crazy, but I’m a sucker for these sorts of small details.

Gina arrived in a beautiful, luxurious black box, perfect to keep her in when not in use.


My first thought when I practically pounced in to the box to grab these shoes was how soft they are. I mean SOFT.

I don’t wear heels as often as I used to. Of course I still do, just not on a daily basis. But, I have owned (and still own) admittedly, many pairs of shoes. And within this many, I have had many shoes that have sliced my feet to shreds (sorry for the TMI) but I’m sure 99% of you reading this are familiar with the feeling of thinking whoever designed your shoes must hate feet and want to see them in pain.

Not Gina though. Gina’s kind to my feet!


Between the height of the heel, the material and the design itself, Gina makes for one comfortable shoe, as well as stylish, timeless and great for wear through all the seasons.



I did think with the heel being on the thinner side, they may not be as comfortable, but the front of the shoe has a concealed platform, and they are honestly really comfortable. I enjoy wearing these.

With the material being so soft too, the sides don’t dig in to my feet as I walk.

I love that these can be styled with a skirt or dress, even with a pair of jeans for a daytime look. Or dress up a more formal look for an evening event, they are very versatile.

live authenchic blog alysia shoes gina black peep toe fashion.jpg


They are available also in a beige color, and you can check them out by clicking here.

The price may be a little on the steeper side if you’re used to investing in shoes with a lesser price tag, but, and this is a point I wanted to make, I have shoes from all price ranges, and one of my most expensive pairs of shoes (very very high price tag), I don’t want to say which designer, but I literally can only wear them if I’m merely walking to the car, out the car straight to my seat and back to the car.

I was so disappointed after having saved up for them and while I love them aesthetically, they are incredibly painful.

I can say the same for many of my shoes, but unfortunately in a lot of cases a very high price tag doesn’t always equate to comfort.


However, with these being the first pair of Alysia shoes I have tried, I am extremely impressed with the detail they have put in to ensuring your feet sit comfortably in these handcrafted shoes, that your foot isn’t at a weird angle, as well as (and I know I’ve mentioned it twice already), being made from super soft premium suede.


When we pay more, we expect more, and these do not disappoint.

Black Suede Peep Toe Heels from Alysia | Leather Purse from Boyajian

I would definitely say these are a great investment pair of shoes.

Have you tried Alysia shoes before? #TheAlysiaStyle

Here’s the link again to check these shoes out, or visit for more!


*I received these shoes for trial purposes and in exchange for my honest opinion.






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