Kat Von D Beauty; #LockItRevolution

And just like that, right when I was running out of concealer, this beautiful packaged arrived for me from Influenster, with not just a little concealer, but a whole set.


It’s as if they knew. (Or at least that’s what I tell my self).


If you follow my Snapchat and/or Instagram stories, you would have seen my little confession recently that I don’t use foundation, it’s been years since I have used foundation my self.

I used to always use, then growing older I would try to give my skin more and more breaks from covering up, and eventually I was using foundation less and less, and somehow stopped.

I do still use concealer often, same days more so than others! And especially as I’m not really putting anything else on my skin I need to make sure it’s blended in nicely.

Obviously I am no makeup artist by any means, and I apologise to any makeup artists who may be reading this and cringing! 🙂 Good news is I recently had my makeup done by an artist for a wedding and I realised how great it can look when done nicely, so I will reinvest in foundation very soon!


Anyhow, back to these Kat Von D goodies. In the box were 2 concealers (slightly different shades, neutral and warm) which I’m assuming are to be used together on different parts of your face, perhaps? If you know better than me, please do let me know below in the comments!


Now, I know I’m coming across as if I know nothing about makeup, but don’t get me wrong. I love makeup, I love putting on makeup. I loved to do my eyes up. My go-to’s are my liquid eyeliners and mascaras.

I just need to re-learn how to apply foundation nicely.

Along with the concealers came a setting powder, and brushes for the powder and the concealers.

The concealer has a nice thick, creamy consistency and blends very nicely. I find the them to be long lasting.

I did put on a fair amount under my eyes, but while I blend I dab on other parts of my face I want to add concealer to from the excess concealer on my beauty blender.

My only thoughts with the concealer brush was I didn’t find it blends the concealer in as nicely as it does when I use a beauty blender. We all have our preferences, and I know some prefer to just dab with their fingers. I like to use my beauty blender (slightly damp) and just dab over the concealer until it’s all smoothed out.

I will definitely still use the brush, but for other purposes as it is a really great, good quality brush, with soft bristles and nice to use.

The setting powder was my absolute favorite from the set. It goes on so lightly, doesn’t leave a caky look and feel. My skin is prone to getting, my t-zone area, and especially my chin, but this powder really sets your makeup nicely and I don’t get my usual oily patches when wearing this.


It is long-lasting, and I don’t find it leaves that pale powder look some setting powders I’ve used in the past do.


The setting powder brush is super soft and feels so nice to use. Works perfectly with the powder.

I especially love that Kat Von D Beauty is 100% cruelty free and they do not and will not test on our beloved animals.

Above images same makeup, different lights (and different hair… you know when you’re taking pictures and you keep changing up your hair? Yeah, that’s what I ended up doing here… Several times).

Have you tried Kat Von D beauty? What are your thoughts?


*I received these products from Influenster for testing purposes. The above comments are my honest thoughts after use.













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