Swissvita; Anti Wrinkle Cream

I don’t like wrinkles and any signs of aging as much as the next person. And any ‘anti-wrinkle’ or ‘anti-aging’ products I see I’m immediately drawn to them right before my skeptical side of my brain starts telling me ‘do these actually work though?!’

I am particularly suspicious when it comes to anti-anything-products (be it wrinkles, cellulite etc) as, like many people out there, I have tried various ones and while I like to believe they work, I think a lot of it is just in my head.

Recently I had started using this Swissvita Anti Wrinkle Cream (with AC-11®) and so far I will honestly say I haven’t been using this product long enough to notice any really *noticeable* results, however my skin has definitely been less dull since using it as well as feeling soft and a little more rosy. Some lines seem to be reducing, though I am not 100% certain and am continuing to use this twice a day as I am eager to see how my lines are after a few more weeks.

chantal boyajian swissvita anti wrinkle cream live authenchic
First day I started using this cream. My eyes are noticeably puffy and skin is dull.
swissvita chantal boyajian blog live authenchic anti wrinkle cream ageless beauty no makeup
My eyes are not as puffy in the mornings since using this. I just took this photo this morning. My skin is rather rosy though!

(Note: No filters used on photos above)

It could very well be from this cream. I know somedays if you haven’t been drinking enough water for instance, or eating a poor diet it can contribute to your skin looking different each day, but my diet and water intake has been as per my regular routine since using this product.

Like some of you reading this, I also wondered what is ‘AC-11®’. With a little research I found out this is an all-natural (yay!) ingredient that is derived from the inner bark of a vine (known as Uncaria Tomentosa), native to the Amazonian rainforest. Seems there are many treasures in the Amazon, just like the guayusa super-leaf I talked about in a recent post for natural energy.

AC-11® is also known as Cat’s Claw, and is believed to help repair DNA damage and enhance cell health, clearing out damaged cells. Sounds very promising! I am continuing to use this day and night as I am liking it so far.

The texture of the cream is rather velvety and silky. My skin can be rather oily, particularly my t-zone. I like how well my skin absorbs this cream and doesn’t feel oily, even in the morning when I wake up, my chin especially tends to feel oily in the mornings, but while using this cream I don’t seem to have any oiliness.

swissvita chantal boyajian blog live authenchic anti wrinkle cream ageless beauty

I am a sucker for packaging, and like the clean, simple packaging this comes in, and the tube is a pretty decent size and you can tell the quality just from this.

No scent with this cream. I do love creams with a nice scent, but only if those scents come naturally, so I’d rather use an unscented product than one that has some faux ingredients added to it to give it a scent.

You can find this cream here.

Have you tried this product? Or do you have an anti-wrinkle product you love? Tell me in the comments below!

*I was given this product free of charge in return for an honest review. The above is my honest opinion.


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