RUNA: Clean Energy

Hello friends!

If you’ve been following me for some time, you’ll know I’m increasingly looking for healthier options in my day-to-day, whether I’m getting more active or being more conscious of what I’m eating (although I definitely cheat in this department!), or trying to use more natural beauty products.

A few weeks ago I received an amazing delivery from RUNA with an assortment of clean energy drinks. I have taken some time to share this as I was spoiled with choices and wanted to try these drinks over some time at different times of the day.

runa org clean energy drinks bottles live authenchic blogger chantal boyajian

I work from home most of the time and it can get tedious pretty quickly and my energy can slump come afternoon time. And so as I have been feeling my bouts of tiredness, I’ve been reaching for my RUNA. I was pleasantly surprised at how energized I got after drinking these.

I do not like artificial energy drinks, and as much as I love my coffee, it’s not healthy to drink too much of it all day long. I certainly had thoughts of ‘but how much energy can this really provide’ with it being from a natural energy source (guayusa), and the results were really positive for me.

I also have varying workout schedules, some days I workout in the morning and some in the late afternoon/evening time. When working out later in the day I need a little pick me up, and it’s now becoming routine that I have one of these energy drinks before my classes.

runa org clean energy drinks bottles live authenchic chantal boyajian

The flavors are nice, not too strong, quite refreshing. My favorites so far are probably the orange passion and the raspberry flavors.

Now a little about RUNA themselves as I find their story very interesting.

RUNA was founded in 2009 by a pair college friends. In Ecuador they were introduced to naturally caffeinated tree leaf, guayusa, and upon graduating, decided they wanted to share this product with the world through their various flavored drinks.

You can read the full story here.

For those of you wondering, guayusa is pronounced (GWHY-YOU-SA); “An Amazonian super-leaf that balances caffeine with an abundance of polyphenols, providing you a clean and steady energy to make you feel “RUNA” – fully alive.”

Just to make RUNA that little bit more amazing, they are Fair Trade certified, non-GMO, kosher and organic.

Check out more of them and their products at RUNA.org

They also have loose leaf teas, pyramid infusers and boxes if you prefer to drink a hot drink. I love my hot teas so I’ll be trying something from this variety next!


What are your go-to energy sources when you need a little boost? Let me know in the comments below :*



3 thoughts on “RUNA: Clean Energy

    1. Hello Katha! Thanks for stopping by and sorry for my late reply.

      I never knew dates were good for energy!! Thank you, good to know, I love dates. Peanut butter is great too, especially when I need a quick boost!

      You can find these drinks on Runa.org but they also have a store locater here too: http://runa.org/store-locator/ where you may be able to find depending where you are 🙂



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