Sunday Funday with Restoration Skincare & Soulé Skin Spa

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to enjoy a Sunday Funday at the Soulé Skin Spa in Woodland Hills, where I was also introduced to a line a natural beauty products, Restoration Skincare, celebrating their one year anniversary.

chantal boyajian blogger los angeles soule skin care spa restoration live authenchic

I was first treated to a massage from Royal Treatment Pampering Service. Thank goodness for the beautiful weather we have here in Los Angeles, as I got to enjoy this outdoors!

soule skin spa restoration skin care massage woodland hills chantal boyajian

Next, the owner of Soulé Skin Spa and leading esthetician, Cheryl Cotton, performed the most amazing facial and oxygen spray treatment. My skin felt so good after, it has (admittedly) been a very very long time since I had a facial.

soule skin spa restoration skin care facial oxygen live authenchic chantal boyajian

The oxygen spray treatment was the icing on the cake. It felt so cool on my skin, I would definitely recommend. Oxygen facial benefits include improving your blood circulation and rejuvenating your skin’s appearance amongst many others.

soule skin spa restoration skin care oxygen soule skincare spa live authenchic chantal

For a list of treatments at Soulé, you can find them here.

I also got to meet the lady behind the Restoration Skincare brand, celebrity makeup artist and beauty specialist, Sarah Bbeauty.

The older I’m getting, the more conscious I am becoming of what I am putting on my skin. I am trying as much as possible to use products that are made with natural products.

I loved the simplicity in her products and that she makes them herself (and that you can read all the ingredients!). I got to try out a hand scrub which left my skin feeling so soft. I workout, and the palms of my hands especially get dry from lifting in the gym so it was much needed.

restoration skincare natural chantal boyajian live authenchic blog skincare spa

Her products (including lip balm, body butter/balm, lip cream and hydration mist) come in lavender and clove scents. You can check out the products here.

As if this pampering wasn’t enough, my dismal eyebrows were given a major updo from beauty expert and eyebrow specialist, Sandra Dee Collins, from Umberto Salon in Beverly Hills.

I told her my concerns with my eyebrows and she immediately told me what to do to improve them, as I feel they aren’t even and very thin. She waved her magic wand and gave me thick looking eyebrows too, I was so happy!

soule skin spa restoration skin care chantal boyajian sandra dee beauty eyebrows
Hello eyebrows!

Thank you so much to everyone involved and sharing your expertise and talents to treat us that day!

soule skin spa restoration skin care live authenchic chantal boyajian
With Cheryl Cotton, owner of Soulé Skin Spa




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