Marc Jacobs Illuminator

Long time no blog – I have been working on a few other things which I will share in another post.

Meanwhile, I received this gem from Marc Jacobs Beauty. I typically don’t wear much makeup on most days aside form my regular eyeliner and mascara and a little blush.

As much as I love to do my makeup, a smokey eye from time to time and finally getting grip of filling in my uneven eyebrows, when it comes to foundation, contouring and such – I am a complete rookie. I haven’t owned anything related to foundation and such since my 20s, so I’m always in awe when I see other women apply their makeup so flawlessly!

Anyway, I have been so ecstatic over this product I’ve been using it almost everyday. It’s easy to apply and even if I’m not wearing much makeup, it adds a lovely glow.

marc jacobs beauty influenster glow stick illuminator blogger mail snapchat chantal boyajian.JPG
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This glow stick is described as having a ‘balanced ratio of pearly gold and silver pigments’ which make ‘all complexions beam with covetable youthful light’. Anything that can shine youthful light on my face is a win for me!!

Also, can I just take a moment to talk about the packaging. I have said it before, I’m a sucker for packaging and I adore the way this product is designed.

marc jacobs beauty influenster glow stick illuminator makeup.JPG

Now as for skin tones, on another forum one lady asked if it’s suitable for darker skin tones. It is described as having pearly gold and silver pigments, but I would say it leans more to silver/white in color. When you apply the glow stick, it goes on more translucent, it’s not solid, so I would definitely say this can work on any skin tone.

I’ve been in the sun more lately and some days looking more like a lobster, and still able to apply this without it looking like a white stripe. It really goes on nice and lightly and you can keep adding on as you wish to suit you.

To apply, it is recommended to take a soft brush or makeup sponge across the surface of the glow stick and apply lightly on the high points of your face, i.e. you cheek bones, bridge of your nose, along your décolletage and forehead. I personally just like to apply on my cheek bones, but to each their own.

chantal boyajian marc jacobs beauty influenster glow stick illuminator.JPG

I’ve also taken to using my finger to apply lightly. I tried with a brush and as it has a more creamy texture I didn’t feel it applying as nicely with the brush. Again, as I’m a rookie when it comes to certain makeup, I probably don’t have the right brush! If anyone can recommend, please let me know in the comments below!! Mucho gracias!

You can purchase this for $42 from Sephora. It’s not cheap, but I can honestly say this is most likely going to last for some time, so definitely worth it. Perfect for a little summer glow. Even come winter time I’ll be applying this.

marc jacobs beauty influenster glow stick illuminator packaging.JPG

I noticed it’s sold out now on the Sephora site but there is an option to receive an email once it’s back in.

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts on the #MarcGlowStick?


*I received this product complimentary from Marc Jacobs Beauty (via Influenster) and the above is my honest opinion. I’ll be restocking on this when I’m finished with mine!


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