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Stylecon x Topshop: Hello Summer

Last week we enjoyed a nice long weekend with family happenings, events and some relaxation.

On Saturday I attended the Stylecon ‘Hello Summer’ event at Topshop at The Grove.

To be honest as much as I was looking forward to the event, I didn’t think we’d be spending a good few hours there. I mean, it was a hot day, we were spoiled with treats like ice cream (that was only 35 calories!!!!), mini cupcakes (but it was the weekend, so really, who’s counting?) and best of all hair & makeup.

stylecon x topshop the grove hello summer chantal boyajian

All this while we also got to browse around Topshop.

stylecon x topshop the grove hello summer.JPG
Love when events have customized geotags on Snapchat! Follow me on: ChantalBoyajian

Being from the UK, Topshop was one of my go-to shops through my teen years, my 20s and still till today. While I’m reminiscing here, another go-to of mine used to be New Look – if you’ve been to the UK, you’ll know it! Oh and Tammy Girl – who remembers Tammy Girl??

Anyway, back to Topshop. The only jeans I have ever been able to find that fit me well with my shape have been from Topshop for years now. I have tried many many places and only Topshop has been the place I can guarantee I’ll find a pair that fit and I’ll love.

If you’re from LA and live closer to the Glendale / Pasadena area, you’ll be pleased to know Topshop have now opened a store in Glendale at the Americana.

stylecon x topshop the grove hello summer arctic zero
Tasty ‘Fit Frozen Dessert’ with uber low calories from Arctic Zero

stylecon x topshop the grove hello summer blogger chantal boyajian the grove la

A few weeks ago I attended a Blogger Babes event at Blushington, a one-stop-shop for all things makeup. It was great to see them again at the Stylecon event and get my makeup done by the same artist!

stylecon x topshop the grove hello summer blushington makeup chantal boyajian

With summer pretty much upon us, it’s a great time for brightening up our ensembles with colorful accessories and metallic details. Kitsch were on hand to give adorn us with temporary foil tattoos. I loved the selection they had. Mine lasted a few days, and it’s easy to scrub off when you need to remove.

stylecon x topshop the grove hello summer kitsch tattoos chantal boyajian blogger

stylecon x topshop the grove hello summer boyajian trend gallery square ring jewelry boutique

I’ve recently been doing a lot of juicing while I’m on my journey to get more healthy. We got to try these (tasty!!) cold-pressed juices from Clover Juice. My favorite flavor was the ‘Sunrise’.

I’m so careful with drinking juices. I don’t like the regular ones in supermarkets, full of additives, sugars and preservatives. I love that these are made solely with natural produce and provide immense nutritional benefits.

The best part of the event? Getting my hair braided! beGlammed is a beauty service where they provide hair and makeup stylists who can come to you. I just checked through their services and there’s some pretty reasonably priced offers, from blow outs to dry styling, even hair and makeup for brides and bridal parties.

stylecon x topshop the grove hello summer be glammed cupcakes

It’s pretty easy, you just select what service(s) you need, the date, time and they come to you!

The team we met were super friendly, and I’ll be sure to book with them when I’m in need! If only I had the luxury of being able to have this service on a daily basis!

stylecon x topshop the grove hello summer hair stylist be glammed chantal boyajian
P.S. My necklace is from Boyajian Trend Gallery from the Yayoi collection

Okay, so this wasn’t a part of the event, but it deserves a mention! Fellow coffeeholics, behold Zia Valentina. Coffee in a waffle cup, ‘The Waffleshot‘. They have different flavors lining the waffle cups, dark chocolate, marshmallow, white chocolate, and many more, as well as many coffee choices.


stylecon x topshop the grove hello summer zia valentina coffee la
Square ring: Ona Chan collection at Boyajian Trend Gallery


If you’re at The Grove, seriously give it a try at The Original Farmers Market.




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