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Quality vs Quantity. The Art of Italian Leather.

I recently wrote a guest post for the No Sacrifice Bags blog on my recommendation for investing in quality when it comes to handbags. Here’s an excerpt, please click on the link to read more!

As much as I love shopping, (I mean, how many of us don’t?!) over the years I have grown to increasingly appreciate quality vs quantity when it comes to purchasing items for my wardrobe.

Having worked several years as a stylist, it has been my responsibility to find good, interesting and fitting pieces for clients and editorial shoots, each project being of a completely different concept, but each equally fun…

…I always recommend you invest in quality pieces when it comes to accessories, jewelry and purses especially. I personally won’t shop frequently, but when I do, I love to find cool, unique items that I can carry through for years to come. I want my pieces to last, so I’ll spend a little more with the peace of mind that they’re not going to fall apart after a few uses.

Click here to read more!

chantal boyajian trend gallery art of italian leather blog.png



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