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Curly Hair Don’t Care #MyIdealCurl

I’m super happy to have had the chance to try these products from the new Discipline Curl Idéal collection from Kérastase.

I have really unruly hair. It often doesn’t like to listen to what I tell it to do.

So through my teen years when I was beginning to take more notice of my hair and what to do with it, I was utterly clueless. Big, thick, curly hair. Looking back now I wish I could get back as it was. But at the time I hated it. I just wanted thinner, straight hair. I would even use an iron to straighten it. The type of iron you use for ironing garments.

I know, we’re never satisfied. Those with straight hair want curly hair, and vice versa.

Then I started highlighting my hair. With naturally having darker hair, I’d have to get my roots done more frequently, meaning more bleach and chemicals added to my hair. Though I still valued my hair, I didn’t care so much about the frequency of using chemicals in my hair and applying a lot of heat on a daily basis, just as long as I got it to look how I wanted.

Fast-forward a few years (cough), now I cannot get my natural curls as they used to be. Now my hair has more of a wavy texture, on a good day, if I refrain from straightening it. I know I need to lay off the heating tools for some time to let my hair breathe to try and get some of its natural form back.

A few months back I started applying natural oils to my hair to replenish and help it grow, check the post out here.

Since then, I’ve been more attentive to what I’m using for my hair. Hands down, I was really pleased with my first trial of these Kérastase products.

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First of all – the smell. I love me a good smelling product, especially for hair. When I started applying the Cleansing Conditioner, just the smell alone got me excited! (Yes, perhaps I need to get out more.. But hey, it’s the little things in life, right?).

The Cleansing Conditioner is applied to wet hair and left for 3-5 minutes, and rinsed out.

The cleansing conditioner is sulfate-free. This is a detergent chemical that can strip your hair of its essential oils. By using a sulfate-free product, your hair will retain more of its natural moisture, and you have less chance of irritability, amongst many additional benefits.

I then towel dried my hair a little, not too much for my hair, because I find if I dry too much before adding a curling product it gets frizzy, and applied the Oléo Curl product. This is a definition and suppleness product specifically for curly hair.

I just gently worked this cream downwards from roots to tips using my fingers. You can also use this product on dry hair in the same way to maintain in between washes.

chantal boyajian kerastase my ideal curl hair product curly hair

This is probably the closest I’ve got my hair to its natural state after several years. I also love that my hair didn’t dry out or frizz in between washes. It felt so soft and bouncy!

Some products I’ve previously dried only really worked for the first day, then I would feel like my hair became straw the next day so I’d have to wash it far more frequently, which I don’t like to do. It’s not healthy to wash your hair too much, you want to keep as much of your hairs’ natural oils as possible.

I really recommend if you don’t *need* to wash your hair, to just leave it.

I’m happy to continue using these products, especially as it saves me from having to apply heat to my hair when I want to give my hair a break, and not look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards!

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Click here for the full range of products from the Kérastase Discipline collection.

Also, you can download the ‘Book of Curls‘, an A-Z of all things curls (for free!) here.


*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes and the above is my honest review.



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