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Check Meowt!

(Sorry, I can’t resist a pun…)

I recently received these super fun sunglasses. These are probably the most fun and adventurous pairs I have owned (so far!) and although my style is usually a little more on the timeless side, I adore these!

chantal boyajian saint noir cat ear sunglasses zooshoo.JPG
Saint Noir sunnies #zooshoo & Boyajian Trend Gallery fair trade Chakana ring

I’ve admired cat ear sunnies on others, but not tried them out for myself.

Especially living in El Lay, with the endless sunshine (apart from those few days of rain each year), I figured why not have some fun with my shades style!?

I like that these still have a classic-ness (is that a word?! I make up words a lot, so forgive me) to them with the black lenses and gold metal detailing.

saint noir cat ear sunglasses zooshoo chantal boyajian blog

Considering these babies are only $12 each, the quality is really good, sturdy and nice and lightweight. They also come with 100% UV protection. I have some shades in my collection which I love, but they feel so heavy on my nose after wearing them for a while. #FWP right?

Click here for link to a selection of Saint Noir sunglasses: #zooshoo


*I received this product in exchange for my honest review. The above is an honest account of my experience with the product.


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