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It’s Moscato’clock Somewhere

slow wine 2016 chantal boyajianA few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a Slow Wine event in Los Angeles.

I am a self-confessed wine lover, so upon arriving at a beautiful hall in the Taglyan Cultural Complex (Hollywood) to an array of wine companies, each with a selection of wines to taste, that made for one happy Chantal.

taglyan cultural complex hollywood chantal boyajian.JPG taglyan culturual complex hollywood chantal boyajian blogger










My friend (@StyleMeSamira) and I decided to stick to one type of wine to give it a fair trial, and since we had just finished at a brunch, we opted for something a little on the sweet side, Moscato.

One company we visited, Ca’ed Balos, had a couple of Moscato wines, which a lovely Italian lady provided us with a lot of valuable information on (because, you know, there’s never enough info I can know about wine!). And on top of that I fell in love with two particular Moscato’s she had to offer.

slow wine ca'ed balos moscato wine d'asti chantal boyajianThe first was a light and bubbly Moscato d’Asti from the Piedmont region of Italy. This wine has a floral yet clean taste to it, with a peachy hint. This definitely scores points with my peach-loving-self. As per the Cà ed Balos website, this particular wine is ideal with desserts and combines perfectly with dry pastries, meringues, biscuits and cakes. It’s also lovely as an aperitif or fruit cocktail with peaches, strawberries and melon. It can also accompany soft cheeses. I’m already day-dreaming of relaxing on a summer’s day with a chilled glass of moscato.

For more information, you can find through their Californian distributor, Bliss Wine Imports, along with this link directly to the Moscato d’Asti.

slow wine ca'ed balos moscato wine dore chantal boyajian

The second moscato was the Passito Dorè, also from the Piedmont region in Italy. The characteristics of the full bodied Dorè include hints of honey , apricot and yellow peach, with more of a rich and sweet taste. It works particularly well with a variety of cheese, especially blue cheese. Personally, I’m not a blue cheese fan, however I am keen to try this with others, such as brie (which is a little guilty obsession of mine). As is with the d’Asti, you can enjoy this moscato with pastries and cakes too.

You can find more information on this wine through their distributors here.

slow wine tour hollywood los angeles food chantal boyajian
Love me a food spread like this!

Find out more about the Italian wine brand, Ca’ ed Balos, visit

chantal boyajian stylist los angeles trendy necklace.JPG
Two happy gals with their moscato’s! @ChantalBoyajian & @StyleMeSamira



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