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Why I’m on Snapchat And You Should be Too

chantal boyajian snapchat thoughts.JPGHi, my name is Chantal and I’m a Snapchat-aholic.

I caught the bug. It’s getting addictive.

I’m growing to love posting random snippets from my day and watching friends and influencers snaps.

Yes, initially I thought it to be more for the younger generation. But, like other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, I believe it’s only going to grow bigger and better. Also, many experts are predicting it’s going to be huge, with it being where Instagram and FB are now in the next 3-5 years.

In comparison to Instagram, I find it to be a more organic visual platform. Instagram is beautiful. I love this platform. Images are very curated, filtered, edited, with much thought put in to them. However, it’s not as organic as it used to be. Don’t get me wrong, I have mad respect for the amount of effort and time people put in to creating beautiful images. More work goes in to these than some people notice.

But, Snapchat is so much more organic. You don’t have to post picture perfect images. It can be random shots of anything and everything you’re doing, to give your followers insight in to your day. And with each snap (photo or video) only being able to be up to 10 seconds.

hollywood snapchat chantal boyajian
‘We can’t build our dreams on suspicious minds’
snapchat venice beach chantal boyajian
Because we all love a good sunset, right?


There are many influencers I follow on Instagram, from fashionistas to brands to entrepreneurs and health & wellbeing influencers. They inspire me in many different ways. And now I follow many of them on Snapchat. It’s so refreshing to see a different side to them. It’s far more human. I can see their personalities in a different light.

There’s many ways you can utilize Snapchat to your benefit. If you’re an influencer, you can post updates when you have a new post or video up, share tips and tricks, show behind the scenes when you’re shooting for a post. If you’re at an event, post snippets from there so your audience can get glimpses of being there too. Also just to talk to your audience. If you’re like me and haven’t grasped the vlogging world yet, you can ‘chat’ to your followers without having to make a video, edit it etc. It’s also been a great tool at helping me get more comfortable with talking at the camera.

Once you get the hang of using Snapchat it’s so quick and easy to use. I like the speediness of posting as opposed to other platforms, especially when you’re on the go. And you get to scribble too!

GQ british snapchat chantal boyajian trend gallery jewelry
Share your little wins! (Boyajian Trend Gallery)
i heart LA chantal boyajian snapchat
Share your whereabouts in fun, unique ways!

Whether you’re working on your own personal brand, a client’s brand or your own business, it’s always important to keep an eye out and keep up with social media trends. If you’re selling product or a service, it’s almost vital that you’re on at least a couple of platforms. It’s becoming increasingly regular that people now turn to social media when find a new company to find them.

Personally, I’m on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for both myself and my business, so each requires different content creation and interaction. It can feel a bit overwhelming at times, especially having to keep the content different on each, firstly because each platform serves a different purpose, and you also want people to follow you across all platforms.

And now, as I’m getting the grip of using Snapchat, honestly, it’s becoming one of my favorite apps.

Before I joined Facebook, or any social media, I was on Twitter. I would (and still do) get most of my news first from there. Twitter is where I think out loud and fast. Instagram is my ‘all things pretty’.

Snapchat is where my goofiness is on display and almost like Twitter, I think out loud. It’s a speedy platform. I talk fast and think fast. Sometimes too fast. I don’t have much patience all the time to play with filters and edit, anything that I can put out quickly works in my favor! You snap your snaps through the day adding to your story, and each self-destructs after 24 hours. Boom! Done.

chantal boyajian snapchat makeup.JPG
Share products you love!
snapchat boyajian trend gallery chantal necklace layering
Share what your wearing!

As for watching other people’s stories, you can do so at your own convenience, granted you do so before those disappear after 24 hours. I feel like I am more attentive when watching Snapchat stories because I know I can’t view them again later. Plus many of the people I follow are giving valuable tips within their expertise. I love learning. Quickly.

If you’re a brand, or building your blog and/or your online presence, whatever it may be, I highly recommend you get on it. Now is the time to jump in, learn the ins and outs of the app, and be a part of it whilst it continues to grow. With all the noise out there across all the apps, I’m very excited to be sinking my teeth in this while it’s still fairly new in comparison and not everybody is on just yet.

There are still things I’m learning on there, and I’m sure over time more changes and advancements will be made so I’ll post when I have more of a grasp!

Find me on Snapchat @ ChantalBoyajian 👻

Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @ChantalBoyajian



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