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What I Wore & a Little Chit-Chat

Last week was quite a week.

I turned 32. (Or 21 for the 12th time as I like to call it). I got completely spoiled by everyone, celebrated over several days, plus with all my work going on, to say now I’m exhausted is an understatement.

Chantal needs her sleep people!

But no complaints, I had a wonderful week and couldn’t have asked for more! Well, if I had to ask for more, it would be for my friends on the other side of the world to be on this side of the world.

aroma cafe vegan cupcake chantal mossess boyajianI went for a lovely brunch with a couple of blogger friends (@sofreshandsochic and @stylemesamira) at the nom-tastic Aroma Café.

I love this about LA. It has a pool of collaborative talents. People want to know what you have going on, and want to know how they can work with you not against you. So it’s always a pleasure meeting people in the same industry and sharing our thoughts and ideas. Such a motivational boost.

I read a lovely, simple quote the other day “Girls Compete With Each Other. Women Empower One Another.” This hits the nail on the head. While I’m not here to bash anyone who does compete, after all, a little competition never hurt anyone, in fact, without competition we wouldn’t be striving to further push ourselves, but I’m all for empowering others, encouraging others, working with people to both your benefits.

Working alone, I don’t get much human interaction, so I appreciate these little meet and greets with friends in the creative world.

Afterwards @stylemesamira and I visited a wine expo. With no idea what to expect upon arriving, we were certainly pleased walking in to find an extraordinary selection of wines to taste from all over the world. I mean, who doesn’t get excited about a complimentary wine tasting? (Unless, of course, you don’t drink!).

The weather. Oh, LA, I love you, but your weather. Are you going to be warm, are you going to be cold? LA weather changes its mind more times than I can count. So I opted for layers. Easy to remove, easy to throw on.

With a pair of good jeans and heels, you can’t go wrong. Admittedly with such a hectic week, I had about 7 minutes to decide what to wear. So jeans and heels went on without a thought, and with it being a slightly warmer day I wore a short-sleeved turtleneck top with a long vest over it.

chantal mossess boyajian style
This Michael Kors purse was one of my last splurges in London before I moved to LA

chantal boyajian trend gallery stylist

chantal boyajian blogger los angeles

My necklace was the ‘statement piece’ of the look. I always make sure to have a statement accessory. From that I select complimentary accent pieces.

chantal boyajian trend gallery
Sunglasses: Michael Kors | Necklace: Boyajian Trend Gallery (Yayoi)

The jeans are from Armani Exchange. I cannot express enough how much I love these jeans. They have a little stretch in them too for added comfort. I find it so hard to find jeans. 90% of my jeans are from TopShop. I have tried so many places, but with my curvy figure, it’s one of the most things I loathe shopping for. If you ever catch me out shopping for jeans, avoid me at all costs.

That being said, I was so happy when I found these and have officially added Armani Exchange to my list of places to buy jeans. Especially with TopShop not being as widely available here as it is in the UK. *sad face*

I found this long vest in Ross of all places a couple weeks ago. I went in to get a blanket for my pooch. Yes, he’s spoiled. And of course, I had to walk past rails of clothes. Couldn’t resist. This is from a brand named Alythea. I swear, the quality of the material, I picked it up and it’s oh so soft, I wish I could pass a little swatch out to you to feel, it’s so buttery. And for $30? “MINE!”

My shoes are also a recent purchase from my primary retail love, Zara, where most of my clothes are from. You can never have enough black heels. Or any shoes for that matter!

Where do you shop for jeans?


chantal mossess boyajian blog statement necklace
Statement Necklace from Boyajian Trend Gallery (Yayoi jewelry collection)
boyajian trend gallery unique jewelry boutique.JPG
All jewelry from Boyajian Trend Gallery

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