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Take a Mental Break

Happy Monday friends!

Hope you’ve all been having a wonderful weekend!

No surprise, but the holiday season gets so busy, so I’ve been a little MIA here. The last 3 months of the year always end up whizzing by at full speed towards the new year. But I am SO ready for what 2016 has in store! Are you?

Chantal Boyajian, Vegas Road TripThis weekend I took a little last minute 24 hour break to Las Vegas. It came just in good time. My friend invited me and I was in the middle of staring at my screen thinking I need to step back a minute.

I love being busy with work. I love my work. It’s my baby. It’s my passion. But sometimes I have an inability to switch off from it when I need to, so I end up frying my brain. All this great technology we have, I’m so appreciative of, but it makes our lives so fast-paced, we forget to slow down sometimes.

Do you ever find yourself working relentlessly at a task, and you’re not getting the desired results? You reach a point where you feel your efforts are time-wasting and you’re going round in circles. This is when you just KNOW you should shut down. Step away. Relax. Get busy. Then return refreshed. Everything looks different (and easier!) with fresh eyes and a fresh mind.

I do have a sense of guilt when I step away for more than a few hours. But I remind myself, if I just give myself a little break when needed, I’ll only come back more productive. I’m a firm believer that if you don’t look after your self, you can’t look after something or someone else. This applies to all areas of life.

Las Vegas, The Mirage Hotel, Chantal Boyajian Blog.jpg

The drive to Vegas was beautiful. The open roads reminded me a lot of our desert road trips back in Qatar (though here it’s on a much larger scale!).

Chantal Boyajian, Las Vegas.JPG

Chantal Boyajian, Vegas Getaway.JPG







Arrived, freshened up, strolled around, relaxed, dinner, drinks, danced the night away! And in true female fashion, I complained about my shoes, and how they feel like they’re attacking my feet. But all totally worth it!

Christmas Decor, Chantal Boyajian Blog

Christmas Decorations, Las Vegas, Chantal Boyajian Blog.jpg

With the holiday season upon us too, it was really nice to see the Christmas decor around the hotels. Though Vegas is already laden with colorful lights everywhere, there was still a nice festive feeling.

I need to do mini trips more often! And as much as I love this colorful city, I think my next trip will need to be a bit more leisurely. California itself has a plethora of places I need to visit, if you have any suggestions, drop a comment below! 🙂

Chantal Boyajian, Las Vegas Getaway

Now I feel pumped and motivated! I’m ready for a productive Monday and to knock off tasks from my to-do lists! What do you do to reboost yourself?



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