Natural Remedy for Hair Growth

I love finding natural ways to look after hair. Growing up in my teens I had no idea how to look after it.I hated my hair. Thick. Curly. And so, so much hair. I would tame my curls with mousse and tie it back.

Oh, if only I could go back to my teenage self and tell her how lucky she is to have such thick hair… and to look after it!

All I wanted was thinner, straight hair. Though I still have fairly thick hair, it’s not what it used to be. Between all the highlighting, bleaching, straightening, thinning (yes, I would get my hair thinned), and heaps of products, induced with goodness knows what chemicals, it’s fair to say I didn’t really look after it.

I lived almost two decades in Qatar too, so in the hot and humid climate, my hair would look like it had a life of its own, defying gravity. This and traveling around over the years took its toll on my hair, between changes in weather, water, stress and so on.

About three years ago, with my long hair increasingly falling out, I decided to cut it, *screams*, and go for a shoulder length look. I did enjoy it at first, I must say. I even cut it short a couple of times within the same year for a good healthy boost to my hair. I admittedly was terrible with keeping up with regular trims, because ‘I want my hair to be long’, though I know cutting it more frequently will help it grow faster.

Having had to cut my hair, I promised myself to look after it properly from then on. Regular trims and easy on the coloring.

During one of my regular chats with my bestie in Qatar, she told me about this hair formula she’s been trying out to help with hair growth and thickening (thank you my cupcake <3). So I decided to give it a try over the past couple of months.

chantal boyajian hair mask vitamin e castor oil

It’s a mix of castor oil, vitamin E and jojoba oil.

chantal boyajian hair mask vitamin e castor oil jojoba oil
Castor Oil. Can be found in pharmacies. (Clearly I’ve had a lot of use from this bottle!)

Castor oil promotes hair growth, I never thought to use it on my scalp too though! It is also known to prevent hair loss. I will need more time to report back, but I am seeing benefits so far, and my friend has started to see baby hairs growing out. My hairdresser (who also threads my eyebrows), had recommended castor oil for my eyelashes and eyebrows last year. I had a lot of damage to my lashes due to extensions I used to get, but the castor oil really really helped.


chantal boyajian blog hair mask vitamin e oil
Vitamin E. I found this particular one in CVS Pharmacy.

Vitamin E oil helps improve blood circulation in the scalp, and so helps with repairing any damage done to follicles, and so promoting hair growth too. It also deeply conditions your hair and adds shine.



chantal boyajian blog jojoba oil hair mask vitamin e castor oil
I found this particular one in-store in CVS

Jojoba oil hydrates hair from the inside working as a conditioner, adding shine and softness. It also works wonders for your scalp. Due to its properties being similar to sebum, a natural moisturizer produced by your skin, jojoba oil cleanses and moistens the scalp, stimulating growth.

I mix the ingredients in a small dish, try not to make too much so no to waste. I add equal parts of castor and jojoba oils, and only a few drops of vitamin E as it’s very thick. Once mixed, I massage in to my scalp and brush through my hair, leaving it for at least 30-40 minutes before washing. I usually tie my hair in to a bun and sometimes cover with a towel.

So far, I have definitely noticed the difference in my hair. It feels much, much healthier. I had been growing out my highlights from a couple of years ago, and my hair had lost its shine and felt very dry. Now it has a shine to it. I am keeping an eye out for the new baby hairs to start sprouting out!

My hair here is straightened and curled with my GHD hair iron. I don’t like to apply heat to my hair every day, so I’ll style it this way the first day of washing, and at night I’ll braid my hair to maintain a wavy look.

Give this formula a try and let me know how it works out for you! Be good to your hair.





2 thoughts on “Natural Remedy for Hair Growth

  1. love this post chantal! I have to take your advice and take care of my hair too! I have been wanting to try a nice hair mask but this is great! I will try this!
    your hair always looks great, i really love it and it looks amazing in these photos! I wish my hair would hold a curl by itself, i have the opposite problem of you where if i don’t spray a ton of hairspray it will be straight again in a few hours! xo


    1. Thank you Andrea! I used to use a lot of hairspray, but it dries my hair out.. If I use my straighteners to curl my hair (ironically) I find the curls last longer, but do try this mask, makes your hair so soft and shiny!



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