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Breakfast fuel for the day at We Work

I am feeling so pumped after a wonderful day this past weekend at the Fab Counsel Digital Influencers #FABDILab at We Work.

The day consisted of various speakers from different walks of life, speaking about all the ins and outs of developing yourself as an influencer, whether you’re a brand, blogger, designer etc, this workshop brings together how brands and influencers can work together.

I launched my business Boyajian Trend Gallery earlier this year, and I love seeking opportunities to meet likeminded people and influencers. It’s important to keep on learning. You can never know too much, especially in this fast-moving world we are in today, and technology and social media continuously evolving.

WeWork, Santa Monica
WeWork, Santa Monica

I’ve been to many talks, sometimes they can get a bit same-y, but I returned to the #FABDILab following last years’. There’s a wealth of knowledge and information shared from the panel speakers, all with vast experience in their fields.

I also got to meet some wonderful people, as well as familiar face, all striving to live out their dreams and working towards their goals and ambitions.

Here’s a #FWP moment. The California weather is so temperamental at the moment. We’re almost entering November, and one day it’s warm, the next cloudy and chilly. So, I opted for what I ended up naming “is it summer, is it winter, who knows?” look.


This white lace dress I wear over and over. I bought it a few years ago from H&M. I love finding clothes I can have long-term relationships with in H&M!! I found a similar style dress if you’re looking. It’s a great style for all seasons. Summertime I pair it with sandals or wedges.

So with the in-betweeny weather, I wore it with boots. Now, I *know* it’s not exactly Alaska out there, but I love boots. And if there’s a slight breeze this time of year and tiny cloud floating in the sky, I’m going to throw them. These are from Aldo in London, they’ve lasted pretty well. Though these are from a couple of years ago, I found a similar pair of over-the-knee brown leather boots online.

I don’t hear about Karen Millen much in the U.S., but my bag is from here. Apparently she is stocked in some Bloomingdales stores dotted around Los Angeles. Let me tell you, her bags are amazing. I *cough* invested in a few over the years whilst I had my full-time job in advertising, and they are so well made. Her dresses too. I love the shapes, the cuts, the materials used. I have bought a few dresses there in the past for special occasions, and being curvy, they sit so well, and so flattering.

I’ve always obsessed over Dolce & Gabbana for the cut on their dresses, though my bank account says *no*. I would liken the shapes of Karen Millen dresses to theirs.

All the jewelry I wore are from various collections at my beloved Boyajian Trend Gallery. Apart from Alex. Alex is my Alexander McQueen skull ring. You’ll see him pop up from time to time in posts. He says hello.

Italian Leather Cuff: Toscannia collection, Boyajian Trend Gallery Ring: Alexander McQueen (personal collection)
Italian Leather Cuff: Toscannia collection, Boyajian Trend Gallery
Ring: Alexander McQueen (personal collection)
Necklace: Golden Compass, Yayoi collection at Boyajian Trend Gallery
Necklace: Golden Compass, Yayoi collection at Boyajian Trend Gallery

What do you do to keep yourself motivated about your passions and dreams? Let me know, I love to bounce ideas off people!

You can also find me on Instagram @chantalboyajian



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