My Manifesto

This week I am participating in an online preview class, ‘OBSESSED’ with PR expert Melissa Cassera, and today’s assignment is to write our very own manifesto.

It literally took me minutes, for such a simple exercise, it really brings out great energy in what you do and strive to be.

Chantal Mossess Boyajian; Stylist, Blogger & Founder of Boyajian Trend Gallery

So I am going to share my manifesto with you, and encourage you to create one for yourself! Just write a manifesto that evokes an inspiring, appealing lifestyle that your fans can aspire to live.

As advised, don’t spend so much time on it, over-thinking can kill the momentum, just write what feels right at the time. I totally want to return and do this again over time.


When I wake up in the morning, the very first thought in my mind is, be positive and kick today’s butt! And after that I think “but first… coffee”.

My heart glows when I make someone feel good about themselves through helping them with their style. Looking and feeling good starts from the inside. My heart breaks when someone doesn’t see their own beauty and what they have to offer.

My customers are my priority. More than anything else, I care about helping them to feel good about themselves and their purchases. I want to help women who are looking for that perfect piece of jewelry or accessory that is a little different, and like to tell a little story behind it when asked ‘oh WOW, where did you get that?!’.

In my world, positivity and having FUN in life is an absolute necessity.

Dressing up the way YOU want is always a fabulous idea. You don’t have to follow what’s on the runways. Look for inspiration out there, and try on what makes you say ‘ooh la la!’, but don’t be afraid to keep wearing a style over and over if you love it. Find your comfort zone and ROCK IT!

Fantasizing about waking up on a tropical island with a mimosa in my hand is totally reasonable, right… right?!

Striving for working towards fulfilling my dreams is a must, and if I can help others along the way, BONUS!

But at the end of the day, enjoying my work and creating a healthy balance with work, family and life is what matters. I want to feel accomplished and good about all I do.


Chantal Mossess Boyajian; Stylist, Blogger & Founder of Boyajian Trend Gallery


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